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Entrepreneurship In A Changing World

Entrepreneurship in a Changing World

The world is now a large playing field for business and many jobs are more specialised in this global space. On the local scene, the news is full of companies closing down and positions being made redundant. These business developments…

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Turning Over A New Leaf In Your Career

Turning Over a New Leaf in your Career

When the year ends, or the seasons change, we often think about setting new goals for the months or year ahead. By the time, the first month has ended, many of those plans have not been thought of again and…

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Exploring Options In Your Career

Exploring Options in your Career

Whatever your stage of career, many people find themselves unhappy or lacking motivation and direction so in this article I am going to help you to consider some options you have with your career. Life circumstances can throw unexpected challenges…

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More Complex Than A Rubic’s Cube

More complex Than a Rubic’s Cube

We are ticking off the months in the year already! How are your plans going to think about and develop your career? Making plans to work on self-improvement through your career is often overwhelming and we just don’t give it…

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