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Network your way to the top

Engaged, motivated and ambitious?

Is that you? Or is there something missing from your career?

Not getting the breaks that you hoped for. Its time to do something about it!

When new job opportunities arise, you can only speak with authority on your local experience. You would like to be able to say you have experienced other organisations, places and cultures and the way they do things.

The Rail Talents Platform is offering talented women (as a start) the chance of a lifetime the opportunity to be mentored by an experienced person from the rail industry in one of 4 areas according to your interests:

  1. The first one is Technical – you need to know the practical applications of your discipline and you want to discuss these matters with an experienced expert.
  2. The second area is your career. Do you want to be a leader and don’t know where to start?
  3. The third one is safety/security/environment. You are working in this field and need to know more.
  4. The final area is leadership. You are already a leader, but you need to ask some obvious questions that need answers that others have, and you don’t.

We can help match you with a person to help you grow your career. This will be a four-month project sponsored by the Rail Talents Platform to give you insight into other people’s experience and organisations perspective of the rail industry. The objective of this program is to take your career to the next level.

Get out of your comfort zone, network your way to your next role, feel the fear and do it anyway!