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Orchid Id Janene Piip

Latest books on Rail Transport

  • Urban Rail Transit, 2021, Proceedings of the 6th Thailand Rail Academic Symposium, Springer, Editors (Waressara Weerawat, Phumin Kirawanich, Anna Fraszczyk, Marin Marinov – Includes a chapter by Janene Piip on ‘Rail Careers in ASEAN: Employers Search for Talents, Skills and Knowledge’ Follow link for more details

Latest research report available

Fraszczyk, A and Piip, J 2019, Barriers to digital learning in rail – academic and training perspective Final report

Journal articles

Piip, JK 2015, ‘Leadership talent: a study of the potential of people in the Australian rail industry’,
Social Sciences

Short, TW, Piip, JK & Harris, R 2013, ‘Using benchmark principles as a formative evaluation strategy to build a leadership development culture in the Australian rail industry’,
Evaluation Journal of Australasia, vol..13, no. 2, pp. 20-30.

Industry publication articles

Piip, J 2017, ‘No professional left behind: unlocking the mid-career talent pool’,
International Railway Journal, vol. 57, no. 7

Books Chapters

Piip, JK 2017, Mentoring for career development: organisational approaches to engage and retain employees, Chapter, Springer Books

Piip, JK & Harris, R 2014, ‘Identifying leadership talent’, in Harris, R & Short, T (eds),
Innovations in workplace development: strategies and practices Springer Dordrecht, Netherlands

Short, T, Stehlik, T & Piip, J 2014, ‘Building leadership capability: what it means for rail organisations’, in Harris, R & Short, T (eds),
Workforce development: strategies and practices, Springer, Singapore, pp. 187

Piip, JK & Harris, R 2013, ‘Leadership talent identification and management’, in Harris, R & Short, T (eds),
Workforce development: perspectives and issues, Springer Dordrecht, Netherlands

Stehlik, T, Short, TW & Piip, JK 2013, ‘The challenge of leadership in the 21st century’, in Harris, R & Short, T (eds),
Workforce development: perspectives and issues, Springer Dordrecht, Netherlands

Book Reviews

Piip, JK 2015, Teaching in the VET sector in Australia, International Journal of Training Research, volume 13, no. 1, pp 96 -97, Sydney, NSW.

Piip, J 2013, ‘Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace: How to Develop, Motivate and Get the Best from Your Staff’,
International Journal of Training Research, vol. 11, no. 3, p.269. DOI: 10.1080/14480220.2013.11004851

Piip, JK 2011b, ‘Implementing a critical approach to organizational development’,
Australian Journal of Adult Learning, vol. 51, no. 1, pp. 185-188.

Refereed Conference Papers


Piip, JK 2018 eLearning courses in Rail, 2018 International Seminar for Railway Education and Training, University of Birmingham, UK, 16 – 18 April 2018

Piip, JK 2017 Mid-career rail professionals: new approaches for companies to engage employees and capture knowledge, 4th UIC World Congress on Rail Training, DB Akademie, Potsdam/Berlin, Germany, 05-07 April 2017.

Piip, JK 2015, ‘Emerging technologies: performance, leadership and learning at the frontline’, 3rd Rail Training Conference, Lisboa Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal, 15-17 April 2015.

Piip, JK 2011a, ‘Identifying leadership talent: perspectives of frontline managers in the Australian rail industry’, Human Resource Development in Asia: capitalizing human expertise for greater innovation and creativity, 10th International Conference of the Academy of HRD (Asia chapter), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4-6 Dec, 2011.

Piip, JK & Short, TW 2012a, ‘Rediscovering rail toolbox safety meetings: leading innovation and learning towards better customer service’, Engineering Leadership Conference 2012, Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, 31 May – 1 June.

Piip, JK & Short, TW 2012b, ‘Beyond the bottom line: leadership development needs of public sector leaders in the Australian rail industry’, 10th International Conference on Knowledge, Economy and Management, 11th International Conference of the Asia Chapter of the AHRD & 2nd International Conference of the MENA Chapter of the AHRD proceedings, Istanbul, Turkey, 8-10 November, 2012.

Piip, JK 2013b, ‘Leadership talent: a model of a contemporary rail leader’, World Congress on Railway Research, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, 25-28 November.

Piip, JK & Harris, R 2013, ‘Matching mentoring partners through technology in Australian rail’, Second UIC World Congress on Rail Training 2013 “
Learning for the Future”, St Pölten University of Applied Sciences (Matthias Corvinus Strasse 15), Vienna, Austria, April 24-26.


Piip, J and Jain, A, 2015, ‘Talent Management of professionals in the rail industry’, UIC, Paris

Piip, JK, Zeurch, R, Iso-Torou, M & Causevic, N 2014, SMART Rail Freight Services – Report from research project SIAFI program, International Union of Railways (UIC), Paris.

Piip, JK 2009, ICT tools for RPL assessment, funded by the Department of Education, Employment, Further Education, Science and Technology and DEEWR, Adelaide, Australia.

Short, TW, Piip, JK, Stehlik, T & Becker, K 2011, A capability framework for rail leadership and management development, Brisbane, Australia.

Short, TW, Cameron, R, Morrison, A, Ebrahimi, M & Piip, JK 2012, Mentoring and coaching: a literature review for the rail industry, CRC for Rail Innovation (February 2012), Brisbane, Australia.


Piip, J 2017, ‘Entrepreneurship in a changing world’, myfuture,

Piip, J 2017, ‘The importance of the 7 leadership talents’, myfuture,


Piip, JK 2013, Exploring leadership talent practices in the Australian rail industry,
University of South Australia, an in-progress PhD thesis (unpublished notes),
Adelaide, SA.