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I just wanted to provide you with some feedback on the assistance you provided to me during my recent period of unemployment.

Firstly I was very grateful for you making yourself available to meet with me in person and discuss my current situation in detail. I walked away from that meeting feeling a lot more confident about my skills, and future employability thanks to your detailed critique of my work history and encouragement of my personal attributes. Even providing me with such a simple thing as understanding the difference between a CV and Resume added to the value of our meeting.

Providing me with additional points of contact within various private enterprises and Government departments, expanded my job seeking and professional association network considerably and has helped raise my employability profile.

Your suggested changes and refinements to my CV to better capture the attention of potential employers were most welcome and implemented. These amendments certainly helped me in gaining my current position and have made it easier for me to tailor my CV for any future opportunities I may wish to pursue.

I found your approach very empowering and uplifting and without providing any sense of false promise. You are most certainly a lovely and very pleasant person to talk to and I sincerely appreciate the personal attention and support you gave me.