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About us

SkillSmart is a specialised employment and career support company based on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, founded by Janene Piip in 2007. Our purpose is to find you the right opportunity based on your unique needs and is founded on our passions for education, careers, and lifelong learning.

SkillSmart believes that where you live should not impact what you can do in your business, career and life. We have put this into practice over the last twenty years, working from a rural community and undertaking talent consultancy projects in Australia as well as the UK, Europe and Asia.

We believe technology should enable regional people to run a business, study, work and connect with people around the world, not just in the place where they live. We, therefore, are experts in creating this experience.

Not only is SkillSmart enthusiastic about regional Australia, we want you and your people to fulfil their potential, find their impetus and spark through knowing who they are so they can achieve success in their career.

How do we work with you?

We work seamlessly with your business or organisation to ensure you have the right, motivated people using technology or face-to-face.

We understand that regional employers and employees have more difficulty in accessing specialised support than their city counterparts. We are therefore, able to provide our first hand perspective on the issues you face as we live and work in the regions. Our unique expertise to assist your business includes –

  • more than 20 year’s experience as an educator in regional communities
  • experience of using technology to work, study and live – long before people could say they worked from home!
  • extensive knowledge of careers, VET and Higher Education
  • Professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia

A little more about our world perspective...

While undertaking a research project within the Australian rail industry, Janene Piip participated in the SIAFI program in 2014 in Paris. Many new networks were forged with academics and rail professionals in Europe which has fuelled a longstanding passion and association with the global rail industry.

In 2015, Janene was selected as a Rail Industry Talent Ambassador for the UIC (International Union of Railways), Paris to promote rail industry careers. These opportunities have reinforced how regionally based Australian businesses can engage with global partners, no matter where they live or work.

The rail industry is a traditional industry that is transitioning to the 21st century facilitated by technology. Familiar practices are being revisited to encourage and support all people to participate equally in non-traditional roles in the workforce.

In particular, the rail industry has identified that many people reach the end of their career and find that they have not achieved their career potential. For organisations this is more of problem when talented people, especially diverse groups, face barriers that impede ability to go further in the career. The economic loss is huge and estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

So our passion is to inspire organisations and individuals to recognise and develop the talent of all!

Our Vision

To inspire organisations, businesses and individuals to fulfil their potential by making the most of their unique skills, knowledge and talents.

How we can help you!

We have skills to identify, develop and support the talents of your staff so they have satisfaction and happiness in their career while you get on with running your business.

Our learning expertise and qualifications
PhD Education investigating leadership talent practices in the Australian rail industry
Bachelor of Education (In-Service)
Graduate Diploma Business (Administrative Management)
Certificate 1V in Career Development
Registered Teacher South Australia Registration Number: 458425
Professional Member Career Development Association of Australia since 2014

Our Capabilities

We’re innovationalists – we are able to help your business or organisation see new solutions to familiar problems

See things from a different perspective
Step outside of your comfort zone
Turn new insight into action
Keep the momentum going


Have a look at some of the wonderful things people say about our workshops

Joan J.

I found this workshop very enjoyable. You were a very good lecturer and made the workshop interesting. Thank you. You were very helpful.

Kylie T.

“You are never too young” – your seminar really reinforces this quote. It’s great to hear someone who has been though different employment situations. You have given me some great tips and information. Thanks.

Holly T.

Good to hear of someone being so successful by suddenly changing careers. Reinforces that we really can achieve a fulfilling career by living in the moment and studying something we enjoy!

Carol B.

Loved hearing about your work experience. Helped fine tune my CV and resume and put everything in order.